So it was time to move on and it was off to Toledo – center of the Spanish Catholic church and home of Mr. Domenikos Theotokopolous.

Domenikos Theoto…what??

That's El Greco the painter to you and me.


But first, breakfast. Ensaimadas. Quite different from the cheesy melt-in-your mouth versions found at home.

I think I like our version better.

toledo 1

Along the way, a Spanish icon.


First glimse of Toledo. Walls look formidable.


The seat of the Roman Catholic hierachy in Spain- Toledo Cathedral.

You can't miss them, great and small. In every Spanish city or town, the first thing that you'd most probablly stop by is its cathedral. This one's nice. And BIG. The interior's a riot too.

Unfortunately, no photographs inside.


The Cross-dresser. Owning to it's history of occupation- the Romans, Jews, Moors and finally the Christians- one of most intriguing aspects of Spanish buildings is a lot them have been recycled, this one used to be a Jewish Sinagogue but was 'Catholicized'when the Jews were expelled and Spain became Christian.
Today, it a museum.


The Synagogue with Moorish-style arches within.


Street scene. For all it's fame and interesting sights, Toledo is very much a museum (read: dead). Apart from the tourist shops and restaurants, there doesnt seem to be any other activity within the old city. Still, being only 1 hour away from Madrid, it does make for an interesting town to explore, that is if you have the stamina to huff and puff up and down her higgelty pigglety hills.