Time for break from Lisbon’s hills. We thought we’d check out what the outskirts of Lisbon had to offer and so we signed up for one those instant day-tours which was offered in our hostel.
After all the walking, a coach tour was a welcome respite and made for a good decision since we covered more ground. We chose the so-called Lisbon Coast route that took us to the nearby towns and villages which, coincidentally, is packed with Portugal’s most famous signature sights.

I liken it to the Quezon province Viajes del Sol experience which I took not too long ago- but on a less intimate scale.

obidos view

Our first stop, the picturesque walled town of Obidos (note the walls on the top portion of the picture)

obidos gate

Entrance via this stunning azulejos (painted tiles) doorway…


And on the main, actually, the only big street in Obidos! Like so many medieval European towns, Obidos one big disneyfied historical complex with, in this case, rows and rows of tourist shops catering to the likes of us.