Probablly every Catholic’s dream is to visit this little town where in 1917, the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared to three little shepherd kids: Jacinta, Marta and Francisco.

We hadnt orginally planned to visit Fatima but I guess Fate intervened and after we were done oohing and ahh ing in Batalha, we soon found ourselved packed off to this holy of holy Catholic shrine.

But first, a requisite stop at this veritable SM of religious iconography. Our guide assured us that this place has the best price of them all.

Not sure with the price but can’t beat the variety here.


Ahh…the business of selling faith, Catholicism and commerce at its best!


The basilica, which looms above the town, is the main draw to this little town. We arrived during spring (and a rainy day at that) so there wasnt much happening. I read somewhere that the plaza across the cathedral is the size of several football fields and can easily filled by a milion(?) people on the peak summer months.

Im not surprised at all.

Fatima 1

The basilica’s austere interior, really, IMHO, the best place to be in Fatima.

All said, Fatima was an interesting –uhm– two hours in my week long stay in Portugal.