The historic center of Silay is a compact as it can get. I only had about 2.5 hours and I was able to visit all the open-to-public sites chiefly the San Diego Church, Balay Negrense Museum and the Bernardo Jalandoni House Museum.

But what to do when  you have taken it all in? Time to pound the pavement!

Silay’s streets is a joy to walk around, the surroundings are relatively quiet, it’s stillness occasionally punctuated by tricycle screeches and infectious student laughter.

Most of Silay’s period homes are lined along Cinco de Noviembre and it’s adjoining streets,  to admire them simply poke around , loose yourself and aimlessly discover its little delights on foot.

Let’s start of with this one.  Classic 20’s style bungalow. Love the the big windows and green shade.

Can’t say the same for the gates though.

Strutting it out.  Very regal in her front projection, almost feels like a mini-chateaux in the tropics.

This one’s time-worn but still solid looking and graceful with kapis windows. Probably one of the older homes (late 1800’s) in Silay’s collection.

This one’s better looking for its age.  The protruding air con unit and electric wires doesn’t in any way enhance its graceful period facade.

Not sure what’s the inspiration for this one, I can describe it as very Bahay-Na-Bato meets plantation style. Negros, after all, is one big sugarcane plantation island. I wonder if the builder was making a statement with the stairway.

Looking strong…. and staid.  This is the current Vice-Mayor’s office.

From towers and verandas…

to streamlined, rounded edges this forward looking, 30’s era Art-Deco lady.

On the main highway, a trio of faded beauties.

Pretty in pink. The Bernardo-Jalandoni house is another of Silay’s house museums (entrance P40.00). In terms of size,  this mansion doesn’t match the grand proportions of the Balay Negrense but still manages to hold on to its own.

Viewed from the road, the facade has a quite a majestic strut, it’s sheen certainly highlighted by the current restoration of  house.

What wonders really, a little TLC (and some $$$)  can do for your home.

Tip: While most mansions are clustered along Cinco de Noviembre street, within in a short distance (like the Bernardo Jalandoni Museum), if youre feeling lazy and hot, just book a tricyle. Fares start at P8.00, perhaps you can spare him a hundred pesos or so to ferry you for an extended period of time.