Guess who WOK-ed by?

Yes, it can now be said, celebrity chef and no-holds-barred culinary traveler Anthony Bourdain was in Manila and I had opportunity of giving him a ‘taste’ of my city. Literally that is.

And the menu I prepared?

Well, that will have to wait till 2009 when No Reservations sees airtime.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak from passer-by Christian Anonuevo (never met before). Lucky fellow, he happened to be a the right place at the right time and took this little memento of me and Anthony doing tusok-tusok of one Manila’s most popular hawker fares.

In the spirit of hygienic sensitivity, I told AB no double dipping. He dutifully obliged.

Oh and I think he liked the palamig.

A smiling Christian.

Who would have known, Bourdain in Binondo?  And I know of people who had driven all the way from Manila  to Pampanga just have a glimpse of Tony!

For Christian, serendipity indeed.

Thank you Christian Anonuevo for sharing these photos and capturing this moment with your cell cam.