So after having a breakfast and lunch date with Anthony Bourdain, three days later I found myself WOK-ing with yet another culinary personality, this time Bobby Chinn of the show World Cafe Asia who was doing a show on Manila.

Two celebrity chefs in a span of three days with personalities that could not be any more similar.

Now if Bourdain struck me as a scholarly cook, someone whom you could spend hours and hours talking (and learning) about food culture,ย  Bobby was more of performer, with a lot ofย  antics and kookiness ….


midway throughout our shoot, I suddenly find him in a store making a head-banging, rocker scene (complete with protruding false-teeth get up) .ย  Of course he rocked the place and had heads turning onto his antics…


Here in a Binondo alley market checking out some of the local specialties…I heard he also went to the Salcedo Market in Makati and to Quiapo where he had, among others, day-old-chicks.

Not really the type of food I would highlight to the international viewing public but well, its the producer’s who calls the shot.


Our little ‘padyak’ scene, I originally pushed for a Kalesa which, in my opinion is more of a Manila icon (not mention, more charming) than this utilitarian padyak but then again, the director wanted otherwise…Oh well.

Just another day of walk.


Thanks to Anson Yu, my official tour alternate for tagging along to take these photos.