One  fine day this month, I found myself being flown to Cebu City with chef J.  Gamboa upon the invitation of the Cebu Chamber and Commerce Industry to be their guest panelist/speaker for the Cebu Business Month Tourism Congress.

As I had arrived a day earlier, I immediately set about to explore this southern city which I had last visited more than 15 years ago. First on on the agenda, a walk around  the historic core. My hosts (thank you for your hospitality!) must have sensed this before and they instinctively bought out a brochure and gave it to me.

Ah, right on the spot and just what I would have wanted.

Pasiyo ni Kabilan.

This is Pasiyo Sa Kabilin, Cebu City’s own version of a DIY walking tour.  A project of the Cebu City Tourism Commission, this handy little leaflet maps and strings together the city’s chief historic sites, really a small collection but just as interesting nonetheless.

Similar to Manila, Cebu city’s historic districts is a bit tattered around the edges with ocassional broken pavement and tricycle smoke belchers to give your walk some local color. However surprises abound and old Cebu is showing signs of regentrification. There is newly opened Cathedral Museum, the newly restored Cathedral (small but elegant) the very pleasant Plaza Subu just right beside the Santo Nino Basilica.

For sure, there’s lots to be improved upon but at least this is the first step.

Grab a copy and take a stroll. There’s a story every step of the way.