August 2010

Thanks Entrepreneur Magazine for featuring us in their newest column – aptly called ‘First Steps’- for the August edition. Small factual errors aside, the business angle was a refreshing change from the usual tour feature. We had a ball doing the interview!

Grab a copy and read our story as well as interesting stuff about Divisoria market.


Thanks to  Singapore-based writer James Ong for making a little growl about our walking tours in the Lion City.


Look us up at HERE.

We tried the newest restaurant in the Intramuros dining scene- Ristorante Il Metre across San Agustin church. Don’t be deceived by its Italian sounding name because its not. Rather its menu is a mix of Filipino, Spanish, American and panciteria food(camaron rebosado anyone?).

Ordered beef salpicao w/mushroom soup, total bill is P200 (+ VAT… pa), wouldn’t say its the cheapest choice in the area. The food was so-so, beef was tender but didnt taste like salpicao (where’s the garlic?). And since it sits in the C.B.C.P. building, the decor is decidedly Catholic.

We’ll show them a little mercy since they have only been open for less than a month and will go try our the other specialties however we suggest they change their name to suit their menu.