"There are only three sports: bull fighting, motor racing and mountaineering. All the rest are merely games." 

Really Mr. Ernest Hemingway?

So it was off biggest bull ring in Madrid  to see for ourselves what Mr. Hemingway really meant when he said those words… 

las ventas bullring facade

The Las Ventas Bull Ring in Madrid. 


Initial fanfare greeting the spectators.  The 'Pink Matadors' as how I call them (notice pink socks and cape) making their way. Guys in horses, I would call all them as 'bull stabbers'.  


And the fun begins. First, the pink matadors(all of them) would taunt the bull, making it dizzy and have their partners-in-crime, the bull stabbers jab the bull at its back. Oh, the horses are all wearing armour. No Sweat. 


After the pink matador and the bull stabber's stint, its now time for the star of the show- what I call as the Grand Matador (red cape).

He comes in, all swashbuckling and gracefull as he swings his cape and taunts the bull to gore him. By the way,the little spears hanging by the bull's back are leftovers from the pink matador's taunting.


The bull, now weakened and bloodied by all those jabbing, stands transfixed. He then gores the grand matador for one more time….

This time, the grand matadros goes for the kill. 


And there you have it, man vs. animal.

This time(well, as with most cases) the man wins.

The bull is then dragged away…to be turned into tapas perhaps?  


A trail of blood. 

Oh, in a span of 2.5 hours, they actually killed 6 bulls, a vicious cycle. 

So is it really a sport? or art? Maybe.

Looked more like a massacre of bulls. 

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