Was really amused to find a Ruffa Guittierez look-alike in our walking tour last week.

I swear this gracious doktora looks like the au naturelle version of Ruffa minus the make-up and her over botoxed(?) face!

Perhaps the doktora could make for a good impersonator of the actress?


Ok folks here's a good one.

We will temporarily be leaving the dusty confines of Old Manila for a while and take whiff of fresh air, on to an exciting new Bonifacio Global City!

On April 24 and May 1, 2010; we will be conducting a special culinary walking tour along the Bonifacio Global City's chi-chi High Street, Serendra and the Fort Strip as part of B.G.C. Summer Passion Fest 2010. Yep, yep, we're taking a breather from our usual historic route (promise, no dark esteros or kalesa markings!) and go contemporary all the way! Let's check out the best of what this new foodie wonderland has to offer, sampling a smorgasbord of Hawaiian, Spanish, Italian, American and of course, local home grown

If you're fit, fun, creative, hungry and got nothing to do at 2:00 PM on those two dates, join us!

Let's eat and walk.

Just bring your appetite, wallet not needed.

What: Bonifacio Global City's Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour

When: April 24, 2010 @ 2:30-5:30 PM
May 01, 2010 @ 2:30-5:30 PM

Meet at: To Be Announced

This is a special free event. Registration begins at 1:00 PM, slots limited so come early.

A lot of people have said I have a very interesting job and I guess it is when you don’t meet the

Of course in the course of five years, I have had the opportunity meeting personalities – both big and small- who have walked with us or we simply just bumped into along the way. I count amongst them ordinary folks, artists, cooks, tv personalities, pre-school kids (always an adventure!), members of the academe, writers, ambassadors, wives-of- taipans, street kids (same faces), beggars (they’re suki) as well as non-showbiz celebs (always low-key) and the occasional people I love to hate.

Here are some of the more memorable personalities we have walked into lately:

I bumped into Secretary of  Tourism Ace Durano while doing the BIG Binondo Food WOK last year.

Somewhere along the way the good  secretary decided to turn a lumpia wrapper into a roti prata and flipped it in the air.  What the …?!?

That said, he was a nice fellow and we talked a bit.  I think his really keen on doing his job.

thanks to Julie de Leon for the photo!

Next is the the former mayor of ManiLA (as he loves to spell it) who, in the run-up to the local mayoral elections decided to do visit Binondo and make his presence felt in the plaza across the church he restored (coincidentally, where we also start our Chinatown WOK). Gotta hand it to him, restoring the plaza revived the business around area but I still cannot forgive him for the Jai-Alai  building along Taft Avenue in Manila 10 years ago. Oh, and may I add,  changing of  historic street names too.  He listened in the first part of our tour while we were being filmed.

Have mixed feelings about the the guy.

And finally, here’s a memorable chance encounter with her excellency on a recent Power, Palace and a SHOT of Beer tour. While it is not the first time we bumped into her in this particular walk, our first few brushes left no tangible memories as shared through here, here and  here.

Well this group (and they were kabalens too) was extremely lucky because not only did they get to meet h her excellency, but she actually stopped to have her photo taken with us.  Easier said than done with some overzealous presidential security guards swarming around even at the palace grounds .  In any case , I think they the photo-op alone made the day for our guests (not to mention the lovely museum tour and merienda)

I  joined in the photo foray and that’s me just immediately on the top of her head.

I’m so glad she’s short.

So there, a day in the life of a walking tour guide.

Here’s another heritage cause worth supporting.

I’m all out in my support for  using culture and the arts in improving the quality of life of our people

and I think this project is definitely on the right track.

Please show your support by attending.

A BIG, BIG thank you to the following magazines for having our BIG Binondo Food WOK Tour and Map grace your pages!

Food Magazine February 2010 issue

Check us as we WOK our way through Binondo Chinatown in this special issue!


Here at the column Country Cooking by Mickey Fenix.

And finally

Turo-Turo by Claude Tayag at  The Philippine Star.

As we celebrate our half-a-decade anniversary at Old Manila Walks,

May we present…

Five months, five thousand steps and fifty-thousand calories in a making!

This is  the  new BIG Binondo Food WOK Map, your souvenir-companion guide to our signature WOK-ing tour of Chinatown.

A handsome and handy D-I-Y map which brings to you the best of Binondo’s cultural/culinary experience.  It contains restaurant and shop listings, heritage trail, coupons, FREEBIES and more!

Now, you can  explore and eat your way through Chinatown – on your own two feet!

*available FREE to all those join the BIG Binondo Food WOK tour starting January 2010

*For regular tour rates only.


by mail order by local courier*

*Rates start at P70.00 for shipment within Metropolitan Manila. Provincial rates vary.


at the following selected retail outlets for P100.00/piece

in Manila

1. Bahay Tsinoy Museum (Intramuros)

2. La Monja Loca Store (Intramuros)

3.  Silahis Arts and Crafts (Intramuros)


in Makati

4. Libros Filipinos Bookshop (Filipinas Heritage Library)

5. The Ayala Museum ( at all gift shops)

6. Team Manila Store (Rockwell)

in Quezon City

7.  Popular Bookstore

8. Team Manila Store  (Trinoma Mall)

in Pasay

9. Team Manila Store (Mall of Asia)

Email us fun@oldmanilawalks.com or text +63918-962-64-52 (that’s 0918-9-MANILA)  for ordering  inquiries.

Wishing everyone who has

walked by our site,our tours

and our life a prosperous, healthy and